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Dr. John Obaoye graduated from the highly rated University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. His passion for community development led him to practice medicine in impoverished communities, with poor and limited access to healthcare and the shortage of community healthcare workers.


While managing two clinics, Dr. Obaoye practiced and implemented the "Child Survival Strategies" which saved the lives of a significant number of children. This led to improved wellbeing and standard of living, especially among the underprivileged in the community. His work included the distribution of food while providing shelter, education and medical care in a safe and thriving environment. Various opportunities to improve the standard of living in families also became available. This extensive philanthropic work of Dr. Obaoye in non-profit organizations lends credence to his determination to see children receive the best quality of life.


In the continuity of his vision, Dr. Obaoye started Stalwart Ventures LLC, venturing into property development and preservation and now into exportation and subsequent exploration of the mineral Coltan. His choice of the mineral Coltan is a direct result of his determination to join the international community in combating the exploitation of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through the abundant availability of conflict-free Coltan from Nigeria, he is allying with the international community to rein in people, organizations, and syndicates responsible for the atrocities in the country.


With his extensive experience, determination, and organizational skill, Dr. Obaoye is well prepared for the challenge ahead.

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